December 12, 2022

This home page is long overdue for an update.

Local and state (mostly local) telecommunication policy continues to be a battle ground between the people, who want to be able to live in peace and in a healthy home, without the intrusion and assault of microwave non-ionizing radiation from cell antennas, which causes many seriouis adverse health effects from brain cancer to constant headaches and can ruin your life, and the big telecom companies who are fully aware of ALL of this but disregard it in their relentless pursuit of corporate profits, and health be damned.  This is truly a battle of good vs evil.  Oh, and the way too many public officials including those elected (city council members, county supervisors, etc.) and those appointed (city managers, city attorneys) and so on who choose to remain clueless about their regulatory powers over placement of cell antennas, who disregard what their well informed resident advocates tell them, who make themselves gullible and willingly fall for the lies and misrepresentations of big telecom and its advocates and promoters.  These government officials are equally responsible for the harm being done across the company by big telecom, exposing people IN THEIR HOMES to harmful non-ionizing radiation.  They are failing to do their jobs at a most basic level.  They are failing to represent the people, and are disregarding their oaths of office and their responsibility to serve the people.  They are taking the easy way out, harming thousands to please a few.  This is what is happening in city after city, county after county, across the U.S.  To choose to remain unaware and uninformed in the face of this international assault on public health and the environment is to be complicit in it, to be an actor in it.  We the people can stand up, united and informed and well prepared and achieve better telecommunicaiton policy no matter what the current policy and thinking of our government leaders is.  Whatever the policy and their thinking, we can improve it.  It begins with a desire to change it and a commitment to changing it.  If you have this desire and commitment you are in the right place.  If you are just looking for information you are in the right place too.  Feel free to ask questions about any of this.  There are no stupid questions here; only those which are not asked enough.

Thank you and good luck!


August 29, 2020

This is the home page.  This site has a ton of information about the grassroots campaign by Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness to raise awareness, cause SMUD to stop lying and tell the truth about smart meters and their EMFs, and to inform SMUD customers that per Resolution 13-03-08 (or -09) they have the right to “opt out” of their smart electric meter and receive an analog electric meter.  SMUD has never notified its customers of this fact although if you know it is there or you know to look for it you can find their web page about that.  But they have 600,000 residential customers and they send out a newsletter every month.  They have a home page.  They also have email addresses for 250,000 customers.  They have never used these means to get the word out, to inform people about the opt out and analog meter option.  In fact they deliberately conceal that option even when the customer contacts them. This is per their 2013 resolution.

This website also describes and gives updates on the lawsuit Graham v SMUD, filed on October 22, 2019, challenging the electricity rates and charges for 2020 and 2021 in Resolution 19-06-13.

Anyway enjoy this site and feel free to send constructive comments.  Thank you.

January 6, 2019

This home page hasn’t had an updated in nearly 3 years!  But so much has gone on.  The latest is the court of appeal opinion in favor of the Empire, affirming the trial court’s decision to sustain the Empire’s demurrer and dismiss my case.  That is disappointing but I feel free from it now.  I don’t think I would have won that suit even with a $1,000 an hour attorney with tons of experience and smarts.  I think my argument was just not good enough.  The court bent over backward to rule that Resolution 07-08-10 and Attachment E to it authorized a mandatory load management program (in other words, smart meter program).  The court ignored some of my arguments and chose not to interpret the resolution as it is written.

Go to my web page on the lawsuit to listen to the audio recording of oral argument and to download the court’s opinion.

SMUD lawsuit

It is www.SacSmartMeters.org/smud-lawsuit

The overall Crusade is against all forms of man made electromagnetic radiation, and smart meters are a big part of that.  Another big part is 4G and so called 5G, the 5th generation of cell antennas, which the Empire is trying through an all out massive effort in Congress and in every state to get the “right” (through laws, agreements and zoning code amendments with cities) to do to us.  5G would be a public health and environmental nightmare.  For more on this subject see the website of Scientists for Wired Technology, which is


Remember that you can turn off the wifi both on your computer and your router.  A page on this website explains and shows how to do that.


How to turn off your wifi

It is http://www.sacsmartmeters.org/how-to-turn-off-your-wifi/

Good luck to all who are working for justice, peace, and a radiation free society and bless you.


January 12, 2016

Customer sues SMUD over smart meter opt out chargeswanted to avoid microwave and RF radiation from SMUD smart electric meters


Smart Citizens (safe electric meter advocates) in the citizens group Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness (SSMA) won a major victory in March, 2013 when the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) approved a resolution allowing some customers to have their smart electric meter removed from their home and replaced with an analog electric meter.  This action was due to months of non-stop pressure from customers, many of whom had been injured by smart meter radiation from SMUD smart electric meters.  Due to citizen pressure SMUD became the first municipal utility in the country to allow customers an analog meter option.

The same pursuit of the international smart meter agenda and lack of concern for the health and safety of its consumers remained after the Board of Directors approve Resolution 13-03-08.  In violation of the spirit and intent of the opt out policy SMUD has concealed this policy from its customers and has never told them about it.  (Other than an obscure page on the SMUD website that you would have to know existed or would have to be looking for to find, and which very few customers ever find.)  The opt out policy and analog meter option remain SMUD’s Big Secret. 

As a result Smart Citizens estimate that over 99% of SMUD customers are not aware of this program and option.  We have asked the Board of Directors many times, at meetings and in writing, to fully notify customers but they have refused.  They say they do not want to publicize a certain group’s program, but any Resolution approved by the SMUD Board of Directors is in fact a SMUD program.

This deception and concealment has characterized SMUD’s entire smart grid / smart meter / advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) program from the start.  Where there should be transparency, openness, and policies that serve the public interest there is concealment, deception, and bad public policy.

This site will track the efforts of the Smart Citizens and SSMA to bring about policy changes at SMUD to enable customers to make fully informed choices and to lead to better public policy from the consumer’s point of view.  We hope you enjoy this site and appreciate any constructive criticism or content you’d like to share.