Hello and thank you for your interest in this public policy, public health issue.

The best way to contact me is to email me from the address shown at the top right page of my home page.  It should be easy to figure out.

Together we can work for and achieve better local and state (mostly local, but it depends on state) telecommunication policy.  People in many cities and counties have done it.  There are lessons we can learn from what they have done.  There is a LOT of shared experience to learn from.  Contact me to get started or to further your knowledge or for an experienced advisor in local and state telecommunication policy.  I am not an attorney and do not practice law, but I know attorneys who work on this issue and I can advise you on where an attorney is needed and where he or she is not needed.  Many things residents can do.  OK enough for me.  Bye and good luck!

December 12, 2022