How to get rid of your smart meter

February 24, 2022

Page is updated today to add the SMUD smart meter opt out resolutions 12-03-09 and 13-03-08 and each one’s attachment and explanations.

April 1, 2019

This is not an April Fool’s day joke.  It is an update to this page.

Here is the smart meter opt out page of SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utilitty District).

There is one more thing to add.  Because the Board decided in Resolution 13-03-08, Attachment C, back in March, 2013 that the “preferred alternative meter” would be a “non-communicating” meter, SMUD still continues to deceive, mislead, and steer customers away from the analog meter and toward the non-communicating digital meter.  It is a game of cat and mouse.  They train their employees to do this when customers call.  Here is the excerpt from Attachment C:

Alternative Meter: The preferred alternative meter shall be a non-communicating
digital meter. In lieu of a non-communicating meter, opt-out customers may elect
to have a new analog meter installed.

Here is the original smart meter opt out resolution, 12-03-09, from March of 2012, and Attachment E thereto.  At the time the monthly opt out charge was $39 and you could not get an analog meter.

Resolution 12-03-09

Resolution 12-03-09 Attachment E

After a year of advocacy by Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness the Board amended the smart meter opt out policy, lowering the monthly fee to $14 and making available an option of an analog electric meter, in Resolution 13-03-08 in March, 2013.

Resolution 13-03-08

Resolution 13-03-08 Attachment C

Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) charges these fees. $75 one time set up fee, or $10 one time set up fee for low income customers.   $10 per month for three years, or $5 per month for three years for low income customers. After three years, no additional monthly fees.

For PG&E, “The monthly fee ends after 36 consecutive months.”

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued an order in December, 2014 creating rules for SmartMeter™ opt-out fees.  There is a link to that order from that page.

Here is the Southern California Edison opt out page:

That page does not mention that the monthly fee ends after 36 consecutive months.  I infer from that that the fee continues forever.

Previous version of this page:

If you are a SMUD customer you were never notified by SMUD that it is possible for you to get rid of your smart meter.  They don’t want you to know.  They prefer that you suffer.  The opt out program and the analog meter option are SMUD’s Big Secret, not by accident or omission but by design.  We have asked the Board of Directors many times for many months, verbally at meetings and in writing, to fully notify all customers about the opt out program and analog meter option.  SMUD has refused this request.

The short answer is you can get rid of your smart meter by calling SMUD and asking for an analog meter.  However there are 2 catches.  One is that SMUD will not allow you to “opt out” unless you live in a single family home and you agree to pay their additional fees, $127 up front to pay for a new analog meter plus $14 per month.  SMUD won’t tell you that they threw away over 600,000 working analog meters between late 2009 and early 2011 when they were installing smart meters.  Nor will they tell you that they only read the meters once per quarter; they estimate your usage the other 2 months.  Nor will they tell you that PG&E, a for profit corporation, charges customers only $75 up front for a new meter plus $10 per month, and that monthly charge only lasts for 36 months.  After that PG&E does not charge the customer any more opt out fees.

The Board of Directors approved Resolution 12-03-09 on March 1, 2012, creating the “opt out” policy.  However they only allowed customers to get a non-transmitting digital meter in place of the smart meter.  These meters create dirty electricity in the home, as do smart meters, and as such are a health hazard.  They are just less of a health hazard than the smart meters.

The Board of Directors approved Resolution 13-03-08 on March 21, 2013, amending the opt out policy by making it possible for certain customers to receive an analog meter, the same kind that all SMUD customers and all electric utility customers around the world had had since the beginning of the electric grid.
You can find information on opting out on the SMUD website.

(The following is an updated hyperlink.)

Notice that there is no image of an analog meter, no column showing data for the analog meter, and no description of the benefits of the analog meter.  The SMUD page is heavily weighted toward the non-transmitting digital meter (as they initially called it) and attempts to steer the customer into accepting it.  This is more SMUD fraud and deception.