Rate action 2019

The SMUD Board of Directors held a rate hearing on June 4 and voted to approve Resolution 19-06-13 with new rates and charges for the years 2020 and 2021 on June 24, 2019.

The author of this website made a presentation to the Board and staff during the rate hearing on the CEO and GM’s proposed rate increase and on an alternative to that rate increase.

You can download or read the transcript of that rate hearing here:

Transcript of June 2019 rate hearing 

FYI the link is here:


The author’s presentation begins on page 16.

SMUD’s web page on the 2019 rate proposal (which was approved as I said) is here:

SMUD 2019 rate action 

FYI the link is here:


At some point I will create a video of the presentation at the rate hearing and the response by the Board and staff.  Stay tuned.  Or contact me.  There must be a contact form somewhere on this site.