Opposing SB649

What can you do to oppose SB649?

Good question.  This page gives ideas for what you can do and resources you can use.

What you can do:

#1  Get informed about the bill and the arguments against it.  The biggest reason is the health argument.  Another strong reason is the take over of control of city planning from city councils and county boards of supervisors.  The page on this site is a good place to start learning about the health argument.  Then do your own search.  I prefer the search engine at startpage.com

#2  Educate and inform your own physician about SB649 and persuade him or her that it is a bad bill for public health.

#3  Encourage your physician to contact the California Medical Association to ask CMA to oppose the bill.  Point out that opposing SB649 is consistent with CMA’s advocacy and agenda.


#4  Encourage your physician to become an advocate with CMA.


CMA also has a “CMA’s Physicians Guide to Influencing Health Policy” on this page.  It is for CMA members only.

#5  Contact the legislators in Sacramento to ask them to vote NO on SB649.  Provide supporting arguments and evidence.  As of May 26, 2017 SB649 has been passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee.  The next step will be the full Senate.

#6  Write messages opposing SB649 on Twitter, Facebook, and whatever other sites you use.

#7  Contact your city council and county board of supervisors to encourage them to formally oppose SB649.

Resources you can use:

Letter from Ron Powell, Ph.D., on why to oppose 5G.  Much of Ron’s 1 page letter also applies to SB649.

Please Oppose 5G by RP

Letter from a California doctor.  Feel free to edit this one to personalize it.

CMA letter to on SB649

You can look up the bill’s history and status on this page:


You can find your Senator on this page:


Contact the author of this site at Mark dot Graham at Scientists4WiredTech dot com

Thank you for your leadership and your action!