Scientific studies

There are literally thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies by independent (not working for industry) scientists on the biological effects or health effects of wireless radiation, including the microwave and radio frequency radiation that smart meters transmit.

The utilities remain in denial of this information because they cannot counter it.
These health effects occur at radiation levels thousands of times less than the radiation levels produced by smart meters.  Sometimes tens of thousands of times less.

Non-ionizing radiation, once thought to be harmless and safe, is bioactive (causes biological or health effects).

According to Martin Blank, Ph.D.:

“It has been assumed that non-ionizing radiation and the devices that generate it are biologically safe at levels insufficient to heat human tissue.  But this is not the case.  As I will explain in the coming chapters, there is a significant body of peer reviewed, high quality science that directly and clearly demonstrates that all forms of electromagnetic radiation – including non-ionizing radiation – have observable effects on biological systems. Biological reactions can be affected by exposure to all parts of the spectrum – even in the very low frequency ELF range. All EMF is bioactive.”  (emphasis in original)

 Overpowered:  What Science Tells us About the Dangers of Cell Phones and Other Wifi-Age Devices, Martin Blank, Ph.D., Seven Stories Press, 2014, p. 30

You can read about Dr. Blank’s qualifications and publications here:

BioInitiative 2012: a Rationale for Biologically-based Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation is a report by 29 independent scientists and health experts from around the world about possible risks from wireless technologies and electromagnetic fields.  It updates the BioInitiative 2007 Report.

This update covers about 1,800 new studies reporting bioeffects and adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields (powerlines, electrical wiring, appliances and hand-held devices) – and wireless technologies (cell and cordless phones, cell towers, WI-FI, wireless laptops, wireless routers, baby monitors, surveillance systems, wireless utility meters (‘smart meters’), etc.

This report asked, “Do We Know Enough to Take Action?”  It answered this question, “There is more evidence than we need.”   The report stated:

“Bioeffects are clearly established and occur at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. Bioeffects can also occur from just minutes of exposure to mobile phone masts (cell towers), WI-FI, and wireless utility ‘smart’ meters that produce whole-body exposure.”

“Many of these bioeffects can reasonably be presumed to result in adverse health effects if the exposures are prolonged or chronic. This is because they interfere with normal body processes . . .


Human sperm are damaged by cell phone radiation at very low intensities in the low microwatt and nanowatt/cm2 range (0.00034 – 0.07 uW/cm2). There is a veritable flood of new studies reporting sperm damage in humans and animals, leading to substantial concerns for fertility, reproduction and health of the offspring (unrepaired de novo mutations in sperm). Exposure levels are similar to those resulting from wearing a cell phone on the belt, or in the pants pocket, or using a wireless laptop computer on the lap. Sperm lack the ability to repair DNA damage.

The California Medical Association passed a resolution on December 7, 2014 acknowledging the scientific evidence of the biological harms of wireless radiation and calling for lower, more protective exposure limits.

Resolved 1    That CMA supports efforts to reevaluate microwave safety exposure levels associated with wireless communication devices, including consideration of adverse non-thermal biologic and health effects from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation used in wireless communications; and be it further

Resolved 2    That CMA support efforts to implement new safety exposure limits for wireless devices to levels that do not cause human or environmental harm based on scientific research.

Whereas scientists are increasingly identifying EMF from wireless devices as a new form of environmental pollution with a growing body of peer reviewed scientific evidence finding significant adverse health and biologic effects on living organisms with exposure to low levels of non-ionizing microwaves currently approved and used in wireless communication, and

Whereas peer reviewed research has demonstrated adverse biological effects of wireless EMF including single and double stranded DNA breaks, creation of reactive oxygen species, immune dysfunction, cognitive processing effects, stress protein synthesis in the brain, altered brain development, sleep and memory disturbances, ADHD, abnormal behavior, sperm dysfunction, and brain tumors; and  (2-55)

The International EMF Scientist Appeal was initially signed on May 11, 2015 by 190 scientists from 39 nations. These scientists have collectively published over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on the biological or health effects of non-ionizing radiation.  

In summary, the International EMF Scientist Appeal calls upon the United Nations, the WHO, and the UN Member States to:

  • address the emerging public health crisis related to cell phones, wireless devices, wireless utility meters and wireless infrastructure in neighborhoods; and
  • urge that the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) initiate an assessment of alternatives to current exposure standards and practices that could substantially lower human exposures to non-ionizing radiation.

We are scientists engaged in the study of biological and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF). Based upon peer-reviewed, published research, we have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices. These include– but are not limited to–radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitting devices, such as cellular and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and baby monitors as well as electric devices and infra-structures used in the delivery of electricity that generate extremely-low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF).  ​​

Scientific basis for our common concerns

Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.

These findings justify our appeal to the United Nations (UN) and, all member States in the world, to encourage the World Health Organization (WHO) to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines, encouraging precautionary measures, and educating the public about health risks, particularly risk to children and fetal development.  By not taking action, the WHO is failing to fulfill its role as the preeminent international public health agency.

​​Inadequate non-ionizing EMF international guidelines

The various agencies setting safety standards have failed to impose sufficient guidelines to protect the general public, particularly children who are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF.

International EMF Scientist Appeal ( )

In 2011 the World Health Organization, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorized radio frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) as a possible human carcinogen.

That is a link to the WHO’s press release dated May 31, 2011.  You can also download the press release here:

IARC pr208_E

Update on April 27, 2017

The author of this website hand delivered a letter containing the following list of scientific studies to the office of each member of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee on Friday, April 21, 2017.

Four Important Scientific Studies Entered Into the Public Record on 4/4/17


1.  2016: $25 million, 16-year US Government NIEHS study: National Toxicology Program Carcinogenesis Studies of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation

2.  2016: a study by Dr. Trevor Marshall, Electrosmog and Autoimmune Disease

3.  1993: the seminal study on biological windows by Dr. W. Ross Adey, Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

4.  2011: review by Yakymenko et al, Long-Term Exposure To Microwave Radiation Provokes Cancer Growth: Evidence From Radars And Mobile Communication Systems


A. Science Articles on Environmental Effects:
1. Electromagnetic Pollution from Phone Masts. Effects on Wildlife; January 30, 2009
2. New Research Confirms That Our Electronics and Radio Waves Disrupt Migratory Birds; May 8, 2014
3. Can Electromagnetic Exposure Cause a Change in Behaviour? Studying Possible Non-Thermal Influences on Honey Bees
4. Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Clashes with Honey Bees; January 2011
5. Nanometer-Scale Elongation Rate Fluctuations in the Myriophyllum Aquaticum (Parrot Feather) Stem Were Altered by Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation; 2014
6. High Frequency (900 MHz) Low Amplitude (5Vm-1) Electromagnetic Field: A Genuine Environmental Stimulus That Affects Transcription, Translation, Calcium and Energy Charge in Tomato; March 2008

B. PubMed Abstracts:
1. The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on the Number of Ovarian Primordial Follicles: An Experimental Study; June 2015
2. Effect of Mobile Phone Use on Metal Ion Release from Fixed Orthodontic Appliances; June 2015
3. Are Men Talking Their Reproductive Health Away? May-June 17, 2015
4. Effects of 2.4 GHz Radiofrequency Radiation Emitted from Wi-Fi Equipment on MicroRNA Expression in Brain Tissue; May 20, 2015
5. Can Prenatal Exposure to a 900 MHz Electromagnetic Field Affect the Morphology of the  Spleen and Thymus, and Alter Biomarkers of Oxidative Damage in 21-Day-Old Male Rats? May 19, 2015
6. Mobile Phone Radiation Causes Brain Tumors and Should be Classified as a Probable Human  Carcinogen (2A) (review); May 2015
7. Use of Mobile Phone During Pregnancy and the Risk of Spontaneous Abortion; April 21, 2015
8. Tumor Promotion by Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Below Exposure  Limits for Humans; April 17, 2015
9. The Effects of 2100-MHz Radiofrequency Radiation on Nasal Mucosa and Mucociliary Clearance in Rats; April 16, 2015
10. Effects of Chronic Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves on the Auditory System; April 2, 2015
11. Exposure to 900 MHz Electromagnetic Fields Activates the mkp-1/ERK Pathway and Causes Blood-Brain Barrier Damage and Cognitive Impairment in Rats; March 19, 2015
12. Cognitive Impairment and Neurogenotoxic Effects in Rats Exposed to Low-intensity  Microwave Radiation; March 5, 2015
13. The Effects of Long-Term Exposure to a 2450 MHz Electromagnetic Field on Growth and Pubertal Development in Female Wistar Rats; March 2015
14. Effects of Long-Term Exposure of 2.4 GHz Radiofrequency Radiation Emitted from Wi-Fi Equipment on Testes Functions; March 2015
15. Effects of Prenatal and Postnatal Exposure of Wi-Fi on Development of Teeth and Changes in Teeth Element Concentration in Rats: Wi-Fi (2.45 GHz) and Teeth Element Concentrations; February 2015
16. Investigation of the Effects of Distance from Sources on Apoptosis, Oxidative Stress and Cytosolic Calcium Accumulation Via TRPVI Channels Induced by Mobile Phones and Wii-Fi in Breast Cancer Cells; February 19, 2015
17. Effect of Low-Intensity Microwaves Radiation on Monoamine Neurotransmitters and Their Key Regulating Enzymes in Rat Brain; February 12, 2015
18. The Impact of Electromagnetic Radiation of Different Parameters on Platelet Oxygen Metabolism — In Vitro Studies; January-February 2015
19. The Effect of 2100 MHz Radiofrequency Radiation of a 3G Mobile Phone on the Parotid Gland of Rats; January-February 2015
20. Generation of Infant Anatomical Models for Evaluating Electromagnetic Field Exposures; January 2015
21. Validation of Self-Reported Start Year of Mobile Phone Use in a Swedish Case-Control Study on Radiofrequency Fields and Acoustic Neuroma Risk; January 2015
22. Impact of Head Morphology on Local Brain Specific Absorption Rate from Exposure to Mobile Phone Radiation; January 2015
23. Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field (ELF-EMF) on Catalase, Cytochrome P450 and Nitric Oxide Synthase in Erythro-Leukemic Cells; January 15, 2015
24. Experimental Model for ELF-EMF Exposure: Concern for Human Health; January 2015
25. Effect of ELF-EMF Exposure on Human Neuroblastoma Cell Line: A Proteomics Analysis; Winter 2014
26. Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation (900 MHz Radiofrequency) on Structure and Functions of  Rat Brain; December 2014
27. The Developmental Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Electric Fields on Visual and Somatosensory Evoked Potentials in Adult Rats; December 1 1, 2014
28. In Vitro Electromagnetic Stimulation to Enhance Cell Proliferation in Extracellular Matrix Constructs With and Without Metallic Nanoparticles; December 2, 2014
29. Self-Reporting of Symptoms Development from Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields of Wireless Smart Meters in Victoria, Australia: A Case Series; November-December 2014
30. Is Magnetite a Universal Memory Molecule? November 2014
31. Electromagnetic Fields Mediate Efficient Cell Reprogramming into a Pluripotent State; October 28, 2014
32. Short- and Long-Term Exposure to Alternating Magnetic Field (50 Hz, 0.5 m T) Affects Rat Pituitary ACTH Cells: Stereological Study; October 27, 2014
33. Decreased Survival of Glioma Patients with Astrocytoma Grade IV (Glioblastoma Multiforme) Associated with Long-Term Use of Mobile and Cordless Phones; October 16, 2014
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C. Science Articles or Abstracts:
1. The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on the Number of Ovarian Primordial Follicles: An Experimental Study; June 2015
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